Other Games I have been playing this year...

This year I've had the fortune of playing a bunch go games somewhat intermittently. Here are a few of the highlights that are on my list but I've not yet got round to writing about, completing or properly playing...



  • Shaddows of Mordor (PS4) - Really enjoyable action / combat sandbox game with a ludicrous plot set in the Lord of the Rings Universe. Weirdly satisfying to play and complete, largely due to the Nemesis System that sets up titanic battles with the bosses of Sauron's army. Genuinely one of the most fun games I've played and completed and much more satisfying in terms of combat, characterisation and setting that Assassins Creed (Completed main quest)
  • Soma (PS4) - an interesting first person horror / exploration game with wonderful graphics, setting and an interesting, if obtuse story. it came highly recommended from Chris Survival Horror (25% complete)



  • Her Story (PC) - a fascinating piece of interactive fiction where you watch out of date videos to piece together the events leading up to a murder. Ambiguous, fascinating a great example of a really simple concept delivering a meaningful and complex game (100% complete).
  • Civilisation 5 (PC) - Playing Civ 5 is a wonderfully varied experience. I don't think it is possible to "complete" the game given the number of different variations, mods, game play modes and experiences you can have on it. One thing is certain however, it is a wonderful way to while away an hour / afternoon / whole day / day and night. One game I played recently was particularly memorable. I expanded my Greek empire with lightly defended sea ports to the West and heavily fortified cities to the east. I went to war in the east, mobilising against the mongols. Eventually I destroyed the Mongols, but just as I did and my army was stretched, the English and the Persians invaded my West flank! While i was embroiled in a long war, they acquired sea power and invaded my undefended NE flank. Woe was my greek empire... it became an exercise in damage limitation and try as I may, I could not repel them. This, and many other epic tales like it, are what make Civ 5 worth playing again. And again. AND AGAIN - JUST ONE MORE TURN.



  • Hitman Go (iOS) - Hitman themed puzzle game that provides a suitable level of idle distraction when on the tube. Good, by no means great, but with engaging enough puzzles (10% Complete)
  • Super Hexagon (iOS) - eye bleeding rave-a-thon testing reflexes, memory and sanity. One of the finest games of its type I've played and SUPERBLY hard (10% complete)