The Last of Us [First Impressions]

June 26 2013


Its rare that I play a game which I love from the moment I pick it up. I say this, (often because even my favorite games often give you a semi interesting tutorial section that spells out basic game rules for you) but also because games take a while to get going. However, the Last of Us has had me hooked from the second I picked it up and though I've not completed it yet (I think Im 2/3rds through) I've loved pretty much every minute of it.

When I review Last of Us properly, I'll comment on the specific bits of the game I loved, but for now I just wanted to comment on howan individual take on the end of modern civilization tells both two of the most believable and compelling characters in video game history, but also uses a setting both edgy and believable to make this both exciting and compelling.

This is, at face value, a zombie apocalypse setting, but the brave step of relying on 2 genuinely great characters to tell a story that juxtaposes both vulnerability and extreme violence has so far mad for a great experience. Ellie and Joel are probably the most compelling videogame characters I've scene and their voice acting, dialogue and animations are all top notch.

As a movie this would probably be worth watching, instead you get to play through the whole experience and experience a fantastic game at the same time. This plays like I reckon the walking dead : Survival instinct probably wanted to.

I cant wait for the end, but I also don't want to finish it.