Other Games - A review from 2010 / 2010

November 8th 2011

Bugger, my X-Box has to go to Germany to be fixed / replaced. So frustrating as my GOW campaign and online fun is now haulted. So I will be down to my PS3, PS2, PSone, PSP, PC and iPhone. How the hell did i get to have all these consoles - i mean it is great but crazy that I have so many games etc here.

Anyhow, I thought i'd do a quick post to cover off a few other games that I have completed in the last couple of years that are definately worth mentions...

Heavy Rain -A rated : a great and genuinely genre breaking game that was interesting to play through and a fantastic story. Sure the controls dont always work and the plot is probably so full of holes that if you played again, it would seem absurd, but the game feels so revolutionary that it you just get on with it relentlessly. The best thing about the game is that it feels like playing a movie - a genuinely new experience.

Red Dead Repemption - A rated : An unbelivable game that combines cinematic scope with cartoon action and an wonderful story arc. The game feels like playing a movie, but in a different way than Heavy Rain in that its more like playing a kids cartoon movie that always maintains its great sense scale (riding a cartoon horse for miles IS fun) and the adult themes contrast nicely with the stylised violence and complicated characters. The other thing I'd like to sayabout RDR was that the music and voice acting were both superb and contributed to the whole great package that is, Red Dead Redemption.


Resident Evil 5 - B rated :  A great game but not a great horror game. The action is relentless and well done, the baddies are fun to fight and the plot is suitably ridiculous, but the whole game feels like a well trodden path and refined RE4 with a few upgraded weapons and moves. I also would love another RE horror game (not this B-movie action stuff) that returns to the series roots of atmosphere, sense of peril and exploration of strange places. Its a hard game to find serious flaws with, but is just not as relentlessly great as some of its predecessors.


Silent Hill : Homecoming - C Rated : I didnt actually finish this game but it was not for a lack of trying. I love Silent Hill games, mainly for there great sense of horror and the twisted and lack of fear in creating fear, but this is pretty soulless. There is no real drive in the game in that the urgency of SH1 is totally absent , the characters are wooden at best and the game leaves its roots firmly at the door. The lack of genuine horror hurts the game badly - without horror the game is relying on solid gameplay mechanics and interesting characters which it does not have.

Anyhow, just three games that I have played and would have made the list had I played them this year. No real purpose to the thoughts, but I did enjoy playing them all.  Next up - GOW3 when my X-Box returns from its travels.