Dark Souls

21 October 2011

There is undeniably a great game in dark souls. Undeniably, people with more patience than me discovered it. But i pre ordered this game looking for a challenge and an engrossing game. I got one but not the other.

I mean, I read the reviews and knew i was in for a challenge but hell, this was just punishment. It took me about four hours to get through the first 25 mins of the game. Ive no problem with that, as long as the game takes the time to show you the ropes, but the instruction is minimal, the plot negligible and the reward non existent. I was basically forced to fight the same bad guys over and over and over again.

Ive no problem with repetitiveness in games - in fact i respect i MASSIVELY when a game pulls it off successfully. The problem with DS isthat it relies on repetitiveness as a method of providing a challenge. The mechanics are designed to provide a challenge, again, no objections in principle, but by the time i had played through the same group of enemies at least 30 times, i got bored.

And, as you know, for me, games are meant to be fun, and that was totally missing from this game. Perhaps, somewhere down the line i would have found the fun element, but I spent at least half of two weekends trying to find the fun and ended up feeling angry with the games rules (constant respawning, constant mindless violence and ZERO explanation) to feel in any way engaged. If you compare this game with the like of SotC, where there was a challenge but also reward, there is only one game I would go back to.

Dark Souls, i could tell was well made and had a great game inside it, but do i really have the time available to find it?No. I would rather play a game that encouraged me to explore it, not punished every small mistake relentlessly. It felt difficult for the sake of being difficult and lacked any real fun (or plot or imagery or anything that I value in a game). The other end of the spectrum is Heavy Rain - challenge but a rail roaded conclusion. Similar challenges (in that the game is limited) but at least progress is real, tangible and fun. Dark Souls is a great game obscured by its desire to be something that I have no interest in (literally) fighting my way through.

Sold on amazon, two weeks after I got it... NEXT UP PLEASE.